Special 3 year report to Board of Directors, March 8, 2005, on Bridge at the Beach, Agnes Likins & Bill Black Full Deck games.

Rebecca McMichael
reported 3 year results of these clubs since the Board turned them over to her in March, 2002. Briefly: table count is up for all three clubs for the last three years. We had a ten table increase in 2002; a 20 table increase in 2003 and a 50 table increase in 2004. As an example, our January 2005 tables were 154, compared to last January of 120 tables. February 2005 tables were 151 tables compared to 120 tables in 2004. That's 65 tables more than last year for just two months!  It won't come as a surprise to anyone watching, that EasyBridge! accounts for most of that increase. We've added 49er games to accommodate these EasyBridge! and other newer players.

    Rebecca added:    "I've never considered these clubs my personal property. In my opinion they belong to the members who play in these clubs. The members are the ones who make the clubs work through volunteering to teach, providing food, arranging tournaments, decorating the clubhouse, welcoming new members, offering to play with less experienced players, letting me know when there's a glitch somewhere.

    I put into effect the changes members requested: non-playing director, more lessons, parties, refreshments, opportunities to win more Masterpoints, a pleasant & more relaxed playing environment. Jack Sullivan, Jane Moore-Baker, Don Brister & Walter Lewis were my gurus and helped us every step of the way. So all the results of these three clubs are due to their efforts as well as our own members'. Thanks to you all.

    Other results of these three clubs:

   "These results show that our Board of Directors turning the games over to a Proprietor who would have the authority to respond to the changing needs of our club membership was a good decision. I'm grateful I was able to be a part of those changes.

    So, it is with a great deal of regret that for personal reasons I will be turning the games back over to the Unit as of March 31st.

    I'll always remember the many people who worked so hard in so many different ways to create the clubs we all want to be part of: friendly, gentle, fun and yet, true duplicate bridge. It wasn't always easy but we all pulled together in a spirit of cooperation and that's what made the changes and improvements possible. Thanks to every one of you. Itās important to note that while any given Director can run away players or attract players, only the playing members can keep new players coming back through their friendliness and including the newcomers in the club activities.

    I know that you'll give Dick Weaver, as Unit Game Club Manager all the support he needs to continue meeting the needs of our duplicate bridge community on the Gulf Coast."  

    Rebecca McMichael