Gulf Coast Bridge Association

                                                                                    Unit 180

                                                                     Board of Directors meeting



                                                                                                                           June 12,2007



Meeting was called to order by president, Joyce Dozier at 4:45pm.

Members present:

                          Walter Lewis, Vice President

                          Lynn Logan, Treasurer

                          Betty OBrien, Secretary

                          Dick Weaver

                          Ed Guardanapo

                          Frank Battaile

                          Neva Lewis

                          Anne Mahaffey

                          Jim Crowe

                          Jerri Grishom

Members absent:

                          Jane Hardin

                          Don Hopes

                          Rick Logan

Leslie Williams, realtor of Colwell Banker gave a report of property available in Gulfport. Discussion followed on different pieces of property.


Guest speaker, Greg English, from Met Life and a commercial insurance carrier representative gave a report on insurances.

Rates for the club's cost are contingent on where the club building is built. Wind and storm are fixed state rates. Need fire and liability and flooding if in risk areas. Greg passed out information sheets related to high risk areas for flooding. General rates for wind/storm. He will give us a definite cost when we find a place to build. A question and answer period followed.


Regular meeting then followed: Minutes of the last meeting were read by the secretary. Walter Lewis made a motion to accept minutes as read, seconded by Jerri Grissom, motion carried.

Treasurer report was given by Lynne Logan. Walter Lewis made a motion to accept report as read, seconded by Jim Crowe, motion carried.


Old business:

Lynne Logan gave a report on the need to spend money for the regional tournament. She was unable to give the exact cost but needs signs, speaker systems, tables, chairs, umbrella stands, etc.  Walter Lewis made a motion to allow Lynne Logan to spend money as needed for the regional tournament, seconded by Neva Lewis. One abstained,10 agreed. Motion carried. Discussion followed on the need for chairs for the sectional tournament. Walter made a motion for Lynne Logan to buy tables and chairs as needed for the sectional tournament, seconded by Jerri Grissom. One abstained,10 agreed, motion carried.

A general meeting will be called for Thursday June 21 to discuss the selling of Canal Rd. property. Walter Lewis will be in charge and Lynne Logan will conduct the meeting.

Walter Lewis made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Lynne Logan, motion carried.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Betty OBrien, Secretary