May 9, 2006 Unit 180 Board of Directors




            The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of Unit 180 was convened on 5/9/06 at 5:30 p.m. by the President, Walter Lewis. Those present included: Lewis, Crowe, L. Logan, R. Logan, Mahaffey, Grissom, Fung-A-Fat, Dozier, Guardanapo, Hopes, Hardin and Weaver. Those not present were Bryant and Skillestad.



            The minutes of the April 11 meeting were read by Jim Crowe. The following corrections were made to the minutes:

            Page 3: Jerry - said she É

            Page 3: Jerry - indicated that Morris Johnson Contractor could come before the board to answer some questions.

            Page 3: Walter - mentioned that Lynne has also been looking for contractors and Mr. Earl Levens was a contractor.

            Page 4: Walter Š The clubhouse must be able to accommodate a regular sectional for 70 tables.

            Page 4: Don Š Drawings of the Baton Rouge, LA club building will be available.


            Motion by Fung-A-Fat to approve the minutes of the April 11 meeting as corrected. Motion seconded and carried.


            TreasurerÕs report for April was presented by Lynne Logan. She also noted that the final payment for the Oleander property has been received and will show in the May report. The TreasurerÕs report was approved upon motion by Hopes, seconded and carried.


            The president, Walter Lewis announced that Vice-President, Richard Bryant has submitted his resignation due to conflicts with his job. The by-laws provide a vacancy in one of the officerÕs position is to be filled by the board, If a current member of the board is placed into an officerÕs position, that memberÕs vacancy is then also filled by the board. Motion was made by J Grissom that Joyce Dozier be placed into the position of vice-president for the balance of the term. Seconded and carried. Motion by Mahaffey that John Turner, who was a candidate in the most recent election, be placed into the member-at-large position for the balance of the term. Motion seconded and carried. Both positions will be open for election at the annual meeting in December, 2006.


            At this time, Morris Johnson was introduced to the board and an extended conversation/interview took place. Mr. Johnson is a general contractor, primarily of pre-engineered buildings. Johnson said that if his firm were hired to complete our project, the fee would include all initial drawings and carry through to completion. They do not normally submit bids if a particular job/building is placed on open bid status.


            Weaver moved that the board contact an architect to meet with the board at the next meeting. Motion seconded. Discussion involved the need to submit the ideas and plans for the building to a meeting of the full membership. Mr. Johnson said that his firm has built for many churches and other organizations which require the same action. He said that most of the architects and contractors in the area are extremely busy since Katrina and do not make great efforts to seek jobs. He said that he is familiar with the firm of Guild, Hardy architects and would be willing to call them to request that they send someone to meet with the board. The motion to meet with an architect was carried.


            It was announced that the unit will participate in the World Wide Bridge Contest on Saturday, June 3 at 1 pm. Players can be ranked locally and those with high percentage games are ranked internationally. Entry fee for this event is $6.00 per person.


            A suggestion has been submitted by Lamar Jordan that a portion of the money from the insurance and sale of the Oleander property should be designated for a separate clubhouse in the Gautier area to help rebuild duplicate bridge in that area.


            A suggestion has been submitted by Daryl Gahm that funds left over from the insurance and sale should be dispersed to the membership of Unit 180 as individuals.


            Suggestion was made by Grissom that purchase of commemorative bricks, stones or other portions of the building be made available for donors wishing to contribute to the cost of the new clubhouse.


            Motion by R Logan that all three suggestions be tabled until we have more definite answers as to cost of a new clubhouse for the Unit. Motion seconded and carried.    


            R. Logan and Hopes will attempt to schedule a group of board members to go to Baton Rouge for one of their regular daytime games. The club there is similar to the size being considered by the board and such a trip could help to clarify what may be necessary.


            There being no further business to come before the board, the meeting was adjourned at 7:10 pm.



Respectfully submitted,

Richard E Weaver, acting secretary.



            The president, in an attempt to speed the process of building, announced on Thursday that a special meeting of the Board will be held on Tuesday, May 23 following the regular game. The meeting will be held at the Coalville Methodist facility and is, of course, open to interested Unit members.


R.E.W, acting