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Meeting of the Board of Directors, Gulf Coast Bridge Association: May 11,

The meeting was called to order at 5:15 PM by Vice-President Richard Bryant
in the absence of the President Walter Lewis. Present were: Lynne Logan,
Rebecca McMichael, Jane Moore, Shirley Fung-a-fat, Don Hopes, Jan Hunt, Patsy
Bell, Elaine Norcross and Jack Sullivan. The Minutes of the previous
meeting were read by Jack Sullivan, were corrected by Jane Moore, and the
Motion made by Lynne Logan, seconded by Elaine Norcross, to accept them as
corrected was passed unanimously by spoken ballot.

The Treasurer's Report was read by Lynne Logan and corrected by her: it was
moved by Jack Sullivan, seconded by Jan Hunt, that the report be approved
as corrected. Richard Bryant asked whether all bills from the Regional were
in and paid; Lynne replied that they were.

OLD BUSINESS: Lynne Logan said that the committee to discuss venting the
smoking room has not met so has nothing to report. She also said that for
the 299er tournament on the first weekend in March the Comfort Inn has given
us a rate of $49.95 per night based on a two-night stay, and has allotted us
30 rooms. The new directory of members is now printed but not yet
assembled, It costs 60¢ per copy. Discussion ensued as to whether the unit
should charge for the booklets: Don Hopes moved, Patsy Bell seconded, that
the books be priced at $1.00 each, that everyone should be assessed this
amount, and that payment should be via an honor system.

NEW BUSINESS: Rebecca presented the regional debriefing statement, stating
that she had delineated the responsibilities and duties at the I/N Chairman
and the Tournament Director. The partnership tables will have separate chairmen (Jane Moore and Rebecca McMichael) but will be set up close to each other in the main lobby.

Jack Sullivan said that the new web site is up and running and looks very
good, is much easier to use than it was. Game results are the only thing to
be posted directly from the clubhouse; everything else should go to Don Kemp
via e-mail. He asked that any new links be cleared through him, he will send
them on to Don Kemp.

Lynne Logan announced that she has changed our internet contract with
Datasync to the 5-hours-per-month plans, saving the club money.

Jack Sullivan suggested that we think about having a 299er tournament in the
summer in addition to the 199er in the Spring, as tournaments are the
money-makers for the unit, and the summers seem to have more "free" weekends
than the rest of the year. Patsy Bell moved, seconded by Elaine Norcross,
that a committee of club members look into the feasibility of Jack's
proposal; Rebecca McMichael will chair the committee.

REPORT OF THE CLUB MANAGER: Jane Moore said that Lamar Jordan is now doing
his own games. All the games that have been closed down have been put on
"inactive" status by the ACBL, so if there is a special game reported, it
needs to use the number of the Sunday game (which is now our only active
club game).

Don Hopes moved and Lynne Logan seconded a motion to adjourn the meeting.
The vote was unanimously in favor of the motion.

Respectfully submitted,

Janet Hunt
Secretary Pro Tem

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