May 10, 2005

                                    MINUTES OF THE


May 10,2005


                       Unit 180 board met at the clubhouse on

Meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.


In attendance            


Walter Lewis Ð President


Robert Olsen


Richard Bryant Ð Vice President


Jack Sullivan


Ray Skillestad Ð Secretary


Dick Weaver  


Lynne Logan ÐTreasurer








Wiley  Mc Minn III




Jim Crowe




Joyce Dozier




Shirley Fung-A-Fat




Don Hopes





Rebecca McMichael




Elaine Norcross





President Walter Lewis called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


Ray read the April minutes after a few changes a motion made by Lynne seconded by Joyce to approve the minutes.  Motion carried


Wiley McMinn III was introduced as a possible Board Member at Large.  Motion by Lynn Logan to accepts Wiley by acclamation.  Seconded by Jim Crowe motion carried.



Regarding the sale of the Clubhouse.  WayneÕs counter offer to Mr. Lee has gone unanswered at this time.


Walter met with a Mr.Rudy Chann, who inquired about the possible sale of the Clubhouse property.  This is the fifth person to inquire about a possible purchase of the property.  No further word at this time.


Mr. O.J. Shipley mailed a letter to Carol Robertson, ACBL representative, about his claim.



Lynne presented the P & L statement and Balance sheet compared to last yearÕs reports.


Rebecca looked at our mission statement.  Talking about profit and loss, directors, teachers, and new players.  The club always made money when the 199 tournaments were held.  We should look at the overall $7.  Instead of the $9.  Table rent from non-tournament games.

Motion made by Lynne to lower the rent to $7 per table for non-unit games. Seconded by Dick.

Motion failed. 



Wiley discussed additional revenue by promoting Bridge in the area.. Walter said by cutting rates maybe beneficial could have prizes.  May not be an incentive to play.


Ms Susan is the Clubs new cleaning lady.  She is hired for $50.per visit with two visits planned each week.  Susan has no contract and works on Tuesday and Friday mornings.


Pat LaCerva wants information on game results, high game percents over 70, highest master point winner(s).  Any special bridge news for her ÒBridge BriefsÕ.  Telephone 463-0118 Waveland

Walter mentioned there was a conflict with Mobile on a Friday night and Saturday but we will have the World Wide Bridge game at the Clubhouse.


Ed Guardanapo contacted Walter about the Senior Games that will be held in March and April of 2006 on special weekends.  There are physical events, dancing, and sport events.  Asked if the Club could have Senior Bridge games?  Motion made by Lynne Seconded by Robert to participate in these games.  Motion carried.

 LamarÕs request proposal was discussed at length about the Tuesday afternoon game.  Motion made by Wiley seconded by Joyce for the unit to continue ownership.                    

Anne Mahaffey at Diamond head offered a water cooler, which the unit was unable to accept for practical reasons.  Grady Nichols and Anne have organized a Monday afternoon game at the Diamondhead Community Center and plans to become a Director.  Requested bidding boxes and boards.  Board approved providing them.                                                                                                                                              


North American Bridge qualifications June, July, and August.

Rebecca announced that Diane Oldham had donated a set of metal boards for Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday afternoon unit games.

 Lynn is providing the monthly calendar.


Motion made by Lynne, to adjourn seconded by Dick.  motioned carried adjourned at 6:50 p.m.



                                                                       Respectfully submitted,


                                                                           Ray Skillestad


Board Meeting June14, 2005 5:30 p.m. @ the Clubhouse.














                                                       Respectfully submitted


                                                           Ray Skillestad



Board meeting June 14, 2005 5:30 p.m. @ the Clubhouse