Minutes of the Gulf Coast Bridge Association Unit 180

March 14,2006





                       Unit 180 board met at Paulette Sherrell

Meeting was called to order at  5:30 p.m.


In attendance            


Walter Lewis - President




Richard Bryant - Vice President




Ray Skillestad - Secretary




Lynne Logan - Treasurer










Janet Signer


Jim Crowe


Bill Cook. Dist. 10 Rep.






Shirley Fung-A-Fat




Don Hopes





Anne Mahaffey




 Dick Weaver






 President Walter Lewis called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.


Dick Weaver read the minutes of the February 14, 2006 meeting.  Only change was the addition of Jim Crowe name as being absent.  Minutes were approved.


Treasurer's report for February was presented and approved.


The Board's discussion then focused on the property location and cost for the new clubhouse.


Walter...General membership response to the purchase of the property may need to be shown the design of the building.


Bill Cook...Our club in Jackson, Ms has room for 30 tables, Baton Rouge, La has 45 w/4800 sq. ft.


Dick...Suggested a seven-member committee to look into the purchase of the property.


Shirley...The board members need to make a decision quickly or the prime property on the Gulf

                Coast will be gone.


Walter...Added that the Board of Directors will need purchase approval from the membership.


Lynne...Agree, need to get permission and approval from the membership.


Ray...Suggested one or two board members along with one or two from the membership visit

           possible building sites.




Dick...Mentioned if the Board was not involved in the selection of the property, it would take

            politics out of the selection.


Ray...Pointed out that Architects drawings and plans would be needed for the proposed Bridge



Don...The first thing to do is to acquire the land.


Walter...I will appoint a group to purchase the property.


Motion made by Dick Weaver, seconded by Don Hopes to obtain membership authority for the

Bridge Club Board of Directors to purchase property costing up to $200,000.The area selected would be North of Interstate 10, between Highway 67 (Woolmarket exit) and West to Canal

Road.  Motion carried.


Dick...suggested Joyce Dozier and Louise Echavarria (both real-estate agents) make the land purchase presentation to the membership at the annual meeting.


Walter...said he was going with Louise on Friday March 17 to review two properties of interest.


Bill...mentioned on commercial property, earnest money can be placed with a 60 day due diligent contingency on the sale of property.


Motion made and approved for Walter and Lynne authorizing them to seek out at least two properties for possible Bridge Club sites and to hold property with a contingency fee for 60 days.


Old Business:

Don Hopes conducted an audit on February 25, 2006of the records of the Gulf Coast Bridge Club

He found the records to be in order and attest that the financial statements are accurate and adhered to acceptable accounting practices.  A copy of this report was presented to the Club Secretary.


New Business:

Bill Cook...turned over the Regional Bridge tournament for January 8-14, 2007 to Jackson,Ms.


Walter...plans to look for a sit for the 2008 Regionals.  He will contact the Grand and Magic casinos for possible locations.


Walter...will pull the plug and cancel the October 5-8 2006 tournament scheduled for Pelican Landing, lack of hotel-motel rooms.


Bill Cook...was making his annual club visit and reported on the ACBL's B.O.D. meeting in Denver Co. some highlights.

There are 15 bridge clubs in our region. Want to develop new players "Baby Boomers" on Web site

bridgeiscool.com also youth group 20-23 age.

Chuck Wilkin from Dist. 10 had district funds available for Katrina storm clubs that suffered damages.


 Get our bills to District 10 as they have moneys ready to rebuild Bridge.


Walter thanked Bill on behalf of all the Gulf Coast bridge  players for their great support and would like to publish a list of all the contributors.


There being no further business to come before the Board, the meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.


                                                                                     Respectfully submitted,



                                                                                      Ray Skillestad