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The Unit 180 Board met at the clubhouse April 13, 2004 at 5:20 p.m.

Attendees: Walter Lewis, Lynne Logan, Diane Oldham, Polly Bridges, Jane Moore-Baker, Elaine Norcross, Rebecca McMichael, Don Hopes, Jim Crowe, Jack Sullivan and Shirley Fung-a-Fat.

Minutes of the March 9, 2004 meeting were approved by a motion from Jack and seconded by Jane.

The Treasurer’s Report was approved by a motion from Don with a second by Elaine following questions by Diane on some of the line items,


Walter spoke with Peggy Hamilton regarding an open Monday afternoon to hold a monthly game. The 4th Monday is available and Dick Weaver is interested in directing.

Information on costs of installing an awning was discussed. More information is needed before a decision is made. The Board needs to be prudent on spending monies for this item.

Discussion on improving the smoking room ventilation was discussed. It will cost approximately $500 to install a window that will open. One of the club members is soliciting donations from the smokers to replace the stationary window. Jack stated the new type of window would not solve the problem. Elaine suggested a window a/c to vent the area at a cost of approximately $200. Exhaust fans are also available. It was decided more information is needed before a decision is made. Walter will ask Don Huey to work with Denman Bridges and Lynne to make suggestions on improving the situation.


Jack presented information on a new web site administrator. Jane did not agree with the closing of the site that currently exists with Datasync at the Clubhouse. This closing would require the Directors to take home data to be downloaded to our Web Site from their personal computers. Rebecca suggested we give full consideration to Jack’s proposal with the modification requested by Jane. Polly moved to allocate an initial $200 for site setup plus a recurring monthly maintenance fee of $50.00 to hire Don Kemp to serve as our web site administrator. The monthly maintenance fee will give us unlimited updates to our new site. Jane seconded and the motion was approved as modified.

Lynne recommended getting the flyers for the October tournament ready. She will check with the Comfort Inn for the dates and room cost. She also suggested sending the info by e-mail to other districts for posting to their web sites.

The possibility of renting the clubhouse to outside groups was discussed. Walter will ask Louise to attend the next meeting to discuss.

A Regional Tournament meeting is scheduled for April 24th following the afternoon game. Hopefully as many Board members will attend as possible.

A 199’er tournament meeting is scheduled for May 8th also following the afternoon game.

Rebecca moved to donate $200 to Don Brister toward publishing his 3rd Edition on Bridge. Don seconded and the motion was approved.

The next Board Meeting is scheduled for May 11th.

Meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.

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