Gulf Coast Bridge Association

                                                                         Unit 180

                                                            Board of Directors Meeting



November 13, 2007



Meeting was called to order at 4:50pm by President, Joyce Dozier.

Members present: Walter Lewis, Vice president                      Members absent:

                              Lynne Logan, Treasurer                                          Jim Crowe                   

                              Betty OBrien, Secretary                                           Rick Logan

                              Ed Guardanapo                                                       Jerri Grissom

                             Don Hopes

                             Frank Battaile

                             Anne Mahaffey

                             Neva Lewis

                             Jane Hardin

                             Dick Weaver

Minutes of the last meeting were read by the secretary. Motion to accept minutes as read was made by Ed Guardanapo, seconded by Jane Hardin, motion carried. Treasurer's report was given by Lynne Logan. Walter Lewis made a motion to accept report as read, seconded by Jane Hardin, motion carried.


Old business:

An update on the sectional was given by Lynne Logan, tournament chair.  We need lots of help setting up on the Thursday night before the games. Bidding boxes have been rented. Need to set-up the tables and chairs.  28 rooms have been rented. We are expecting a good crowd.

For the regional tournament 130 rooms have already been reserved. We are expecting a large crowd.  Contacts have been made for the 2009 Regional but no definite plans as yet. Coliseum will be available.


Jane Hardin gave her report on the availability of bridge classes at the Jeff Davis campus stating they may be interested, will need further follow-up.


New business:

Board member nominations: Hancock County - Rick Logan

                                                                            Don Hopes

                                              Harrison County - Jane Hardin 

                                                                           Nell Bishop

                                              Jackson County - Ed Guardanapo

                                                                          Jay Segarra

                                                          At Large - Jerri Grissom 

                                                                           Bob McDowell

                                                                           Daryl Gahm


Joyce Dozier made the suggestion that we form a "By-laws" committee to look over and up-date by-laws. There is a need to have board members attend the meetings and abide by the by-laws. Discussion followed.  Walter Lewis stated "that the by-laws can not be changed until it is brought up by board member and then taken to the members for a vote."   The committee will be appointed at the January meeting.


Discussion on the need for a good timer to keep the games going on schedule was brought up by Lynne Logan.  The official ACBL timer is the most efficient at a cost of about $500. Walter Lewis made the motion to buy a timer, seconded by Dick Weaver, motion carried.


Lynne Logan suggested we drop the post office permit. She said the permit costs a $100/year.  In using the permit, items need to be sorted by weight, size, and zip code.  A minimum number needs to be reached to use the permit.  At this point in time we actually save money using the regular services.  Lynne Logan made a motion to discontinue the post office permit, seconded by Anne Mahaffey, motion carried.


Walter Lewis acknowledged late arrivers with no partner already signed up makes it impossible for the director to get the games started on time since movement and number of boards played often changes.  He suggested charging an extra dollar as penalty.  Discussion followed.  Announcement will be made at the membership meeting about this possible penalty charge.


Walter Lewis made a motion not to schedule special games (pro-am & such) when sectionals, regionals, or Nationals are close-by.  Perimeters should be New Orleans, Mobile, or Hattiesburg, Seconded by Jane Hardin, motion carried.


December 9th is the annual membership meeting at 12:00pm. Need everyone present to vote. Game will follow at 1:00pm.


Motion made by Walter Lewis to adjourn, seconded by Lynne Logan. Meeting adjourned at 5:25pm,


Respectfully submitted,

Betty OBrien, Secretary