Gulf Coast Bridge Association

                        Unit 180

          Board of Directors Meeting

January 8, 2008


Meeting was called to order by President, Joyce Dozier @ 3:55pm

Members present: Walter Lewis, Vice-President

                              Lynne Logan, Treasurer

                              Betty OBrien, Secretary

                              Frank Battaile

                              Don Hopes

                              Anne Mahaffey

                             Jane Hardin

                             Ed Guardanapo

                             Daryl Gahm

                             Dick Weaver

                             James Crowe


Minutes of the last meeting were read by the secretary. Motion to accept minutes as read was made by Lynne Logan, seconded by Jim Crowe motion carried.

Treasurer's report was read by Lynne Logan. Motion made by Walter Lewis to accept report as read, seconded by Frank Battaile, motion carried.


Old Business:

Prize money for the Regional knock-outs was discussed. Walter Lewis made a motion to allocate budget to allow $2bills for prize money, seconded by

Anne Mahaffey. 7 for, 4 opposed, motion carried.

Hospitality was discussed. A large crowd is expected and was felt we would run over budget if we supplied food for Monday and Tuesday.  We could cut
out food for Monday and only have it on Tuesday and Thursday. Dick Weaver made the motion to change the food day from Monday , Tuesday and
Thursday to Tuesday & Thursday, seconded by Walter Lewis, motion carried.

An update on our property was given by Joyce Dozier. Gulfport city council to meet tonight and will vote on whether or not to allow the proposed division
of the 4th street property.  If voted for the closing is scheduled for Friday January 11, 2008.


New Business:

Lynne Logan made a motion for a correction to the minutes dated February 14, 2006.  Statement of odd year election should be corrected to even year
election, seconded by Jim Crowe, motion carried.

Walter Lewis discussed mileage reimbursements for Unit 180 voting & alternate member to District 10 board meetings that are held out of town. Discussion
followed.  Don Hopes made the motion to table the discussion, Jerry Grissom seconded. One abstained, others agreed.  Mileage reimbursements were tabled.

Joyce Dozier read a letter from club member, Lamar Jordan.  He wants to be custodian of bridge club tables. Frank Battaile made a motion to allow Lamar
Jordan to be custodian of the clubs tables until our club house is built, seconded by Jim Crowe. Discussion followed.  Opposed by one, all others agreed, motion carried. 
Letter will not be signed.


New Committees for the contact persons for ACBL was read by Lynne Logan.

By-Laws committee was formed to check over current by-laws. Members appointed are: Don Hopes, Daryl Gahm, Frank Battaile, and Jane Hardin.

Jerry Grissom discussed the Boyce Holliman trophy. Original one was destroyed by the storm and Jerry would like it replaced. It was suggested to wait for the new club
house to be built. Walter Lewis made a motion for Jerry Grissom to be in charge of the new Boyce Holliman trophy (with board approval), seconded by Ed Guardanapo.
All agreed and the motion carried.


Ed Guardanapo made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Walter Lewis.

Meeting adjourned at 5:00pm.


Respectfully submitted,


Betty O'Brien, Secretary