Gulf Coast Bridge Association

                                                                             Unit 180

                                                                   Board of Directors Meeting

                                                                                                                          September 11,2007

Meeting was called to order at 4:49 pm by President, Joyce Dozier.

Members present: Lynne Logan, Treasurer                        Members absent:  Walter Lewis

                              Betty OBrien, Secretary                                        James Crowe

                              Frank Battaile                                                                    Don Hopes

                              Ed Guardanapo                                                                Jerry Grissom

                              Rick Logan

                              Neva Lewis

                              Jane Hardin

                              Anne Mahaffey

                              Dick Weaver

Minutes of the August meeting were read by the secretary. Motion made by Lynne Logan to accept minutes as read, seconded by Frank Battaile. Motion carried.

Treasurer's report was read by Lynne Logan. Motion made by Ed Guardanapo to accept report as read, seconded by Neva Lewis. Motion carried.

Joyce Dozier, on behalf of the Bridge Club, wants to thank Shirley Fung-a-Fat and Janet Signor for all their help and assistance to the bridge club.

Update on 4thStreet property:  Survey and Title are ready and the closing will be on Monday 9/17/2007 or  Tuesday 9/18/2007.  Unit 180 will purchase 2.725 acre. A meeting should be set with Tom Henry, the architect, to finish the plans.

Update on sectional:  Everything is ready for the sectional on November 16-18, 2007. We need volunteers to set-up on Friday morning, November 16, 2007. Games will start at 1:00 pm.

Need permission to get tables from Lamar. Motion made by Rick Logan to authorize chairperson to request transport of 50 tables stored at Lamar Jordan’s home to the Quality Inn by the Coliseum for the sectional, seconded by Ed Guardanapo and all agreed. 130 chairs will also need to be transported from the club house. Joyce Dozier will personally talk with Lamar Jordan about the transport.

Update on Regional:  Lynne Logan wants to thank Peggy Hamilton for getting a caddy group together for the regional.  Volunteers will be needed  to set-up on Sunday night  (if available) or Monday morning. Games start at 1:30pm.

Lynne discussed the need for a transportable speaker system.  H.C. Barlow is  donating his speaker system so all we need is a mike.  Ed Guardanapo knows people trained in speaker systems and will ask them to volunteer to help set it up.

Lynne Logan has received sanctions for our sectionals and regionals through 2015. 

Lynne Logan and Joyce Dozier will be going to District 10 meeting in Tunica as requested by President Clair Chisler for both voting and alternate to attend D10 meetings.

Motion made to adjourn by Frank Battaile, seconded by Lynne Logan. Meeting adjourned at 5:15pm.

Respectfully submitted

BettyOBrien, Secretary