April 12, 2005

                                    MINUTES OF THE


April 12, 2005


Unit 180 board met at the clubhouse on

Meeting was called to order at 5:30 p.m.

In attendance


Walter LewisPresident


Robert Olsen


Richard Bryant – Vice President


Jack Sullivan


Ray Skillestad – Secretary


Dick Weaver


Lynne Logan –Treasurer








Polly Bridges


Bill Cook ….District Director


Jim Crowe


Fran Abell…Dehman Bridges


Joyce Dozier


Pat Bright….Dave Chacor


Shirley Fung-A-Fat


James Grissom…Jerry Grissom


Don Hopes


Diane Oldham…O. J. Shipley


Rebecca McMichael


Kurt Shook…..Vivian Shook


Elaine Norcross






President Walter Lewis called the meeting to order at 5:30 p.m.

Ray read the March minutes after a few changes a motion made by Lynne seconded by Robert to approve the minutes. Motion carried.


Lynne gave the treasurer’s report. Motion made by Don seconded by Elaine. Motion carried.


Correspondence was received from the lady that cleans the clubhouse. Numerous items were pointed out about her duties with the main thought to raise her fee from $ $75.Discussion followed. Motion made by Richard seconded by Bob to continue her services @$75. Per week

Until the May board meeting Motion failed Lynne said she would do the job with some others helping. Lynne and Joyce will look into another cleaning service for the Club and report in May.


Wayne Martin gave information about selling the Bridge Studio he received from Mr.Josh Lee.

In the discussion on the offer to sell the following was discussed 60 days to work up the contract. 150 days to consolidate contract. $10,000 Ernest money to the club was required. Once signed property could be transferred into a Condo project. Mr. Martin would receive a 10% commission on $80,000.There is 13 properties in this group, approval is needed from the city. Discussion by Bill Cook, it would tie up the property and recommended the contract to show $800,000 above that would be his commission.Cash and with no $10,000. Commission.

The Club would need to receive a formal contract before it was presented to the membership.

Motion made by Don instructing Wayne Martin to present an offer of $800,, no commission with 180-day deadline. Seconded by Polly. Motion Carried.


Richard read a letter received from O.J.Shipley.Stating before the bridge games were given to

Rebecca he was conducting games on Tuesday and Wednesday as well as a Friday p.m. and an evening game.Shifting these games over put a financial burden on him and feels he should receive some compensation because of these losses. Mr. Bill Cook discussed O.J.’s objections There is no liability on the board members for frivolours law suits and has no claim.

Motion made to address a claim letter to O.J. Shipley. Seconded by Lynne, briefly explaining that the Club owns all of the games. Motion carried.


Dick had some questions about Directors.There are two permanent a third on Saturday two others when they are available.

Rebecca suggested a free Directors course for those interested. Motion made by Joyce seconded by Elaine to give a Directors course to the membership at no charge. Motion carried.

It would cost between $750.and $1,000 to bring Charley to the Coast to present this course.


Polly Bridges turned in her resignation from the Board of Directors of the Gulf Coast Bridge Association. Procedure for replacing a Board member will be discussed at the May meeting


Motion made by Joyce seconded by Elaine to adjourn meeting adjourned at 7:10 p.m.


Mr. Bill Cook District Director of ACBL in Jackson.Ms. Continued on with timely information from the ACBL headquarters. Some of the highlights. Only ACBL can sanction tournaments, We are covered by a liability policy and will use their purchasing power; any major concerns will be brought up at the national meeting in Pittsburgh. The next five years a policy setting group will give management guide lines. Plans for district web sites, another mission of ACBL that all forms of Bridge, Rubber, Duplicate, Online will be emphasized. “Time Magazine” said that

25 million people were playing Bridge, an intellectual old folks game, noted players are Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Bridge is cool, need more young people. Online Bridge has gone crazy 5,600 tables.


Regulations and guidelines are established for Regional conflicts. Every 5 years it is mandatory to equalize districts. Florida has the largest number, a possible split, Gulf Coast has 6,000.At the

ACBL last board meeting re: Membership, Dues paying members and Life masters not playing in 24 months will be dropped.


All funds will go to the right spot to support teams that will play all over the world. Senior women, and others with a maximum $50,000 funding for Junior and Youth, money from ACBL for local games. USBL has support for international Novice play.



Respectfully submitted,


Ray Skillestad



Board meeting May 10, 2005 5:30 p.m. @ the Clubhouse