April 10,2007

Gulf Coast Bridge Association

Unit 180

Board of Directors Meeting

The regular meeting of the board of directors was called to order by president,Joyce Dozier
at 4:35pm.
Members present:
Betty OBrien,secretary
Ed Guardanapo
Jim Crowe
Neva Lewis
Jane Hardin
Frank Battaile
Anne Mahaffey
Dick Weaver
Members absent:
Walter Lewis,vice president
Lynne Logan,treasurer
Rick Logan
Don Hopes
Minutes of the March meeting were read by the secretary, Betty O’Brien. The minutes were approved and motion made by Ed Guardanapo to accept minutes as read, seconded by Jim Crowe and motion carried.
Report on the CD's was read and it was decided to stay with Hancock Bank as they had the best time frame and can withdraw as needed without penalities.
Ed Guardanapo gave a report on the"Canal Road" plans. Read the credentials of Patrick Chubb, Wildlife Biologist. Frank Battaile gave a report on the condition of the property on Canal Road.2/3 of the property is considered "wetlands". Discussion followed.
Motion made by Dick Weaver to "table" further discussion until the building committee can present a definite proposal and recommendation for the directors to vote for or against. President, Joyce Dozier agreed that we also need to have all the members present. Motion was seconded by Ed Guardanapo, all approved and the motion carried.
New business:
Founder's Day was discussed by Lamar Jordan. He proposed to have a special Saturday for a Swiss Team Game. First session would be for qualifying teams. Following Saturday would be a "knock-out" event, until the winning team was declared and presented with a trophy, a lot of points, and could be an annual event. First session would have up to 14 tables, then 8 tables, then 4 tables, 2 tables and then the winners. There could have a side game for the disqualified.
Discussion followed. Dick Weaver gave ideas and suggested the "Games" begin this next month on the 2nd Saturday. Motion was made by Dick Weaver that the unit sponsor multi-session games and begin the 2nd Saturday of May this year. Motion seconded by Ed Guardanapo, all approved and the motion carried. Lamar Jordan will be in charge of" Founder's Day" Event.
Frank Battaile gave a report on a building for sale that could be used for a bridge club house.
Motion was made to adjourn meeting by Dick Weaver, seconded by Frank Battaile, all approved and meeting adjourned at 5:20pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Elizabeth O’Brien