March 13,2007

Unit 180 of Board of Directors

The regular meeting of the board of directors was convened by president, Joyce Dozier.
Members present:
Lynne Logan, Treasurer
Betty OBrien, Secretary
Frank Battaile
James Crowe
Jerry Grissom
Ed Guardanapo
Jane Hardin
Don Hopes
Neva Lewis
Rick Logan
Dick Weaver
Members absent:
Walter Lewis
Anne Mahafee

The minutes of the February meeting were read by the secretary, Betty OBrien. A correction was
made on the director's fees. $30 for 6 or less tables, $40 for 61/2 tables to 91/2 tables, $50 for or
more tables.
Motion made by Lynne Logan to accept minutes after corrections, seconded by Jim Crowe and
motion carried.
Treasurer's report was then given by Lynne Logan, Treasurer and copies distributed.
Motion made by Don Hopes to accept report and seconded by Ed Guardanapo

2008 Regional Tournament:
Lynne Logan gave a report on the availability of the Coliseum for the 2008 Regional. The Coliseum is available in January of 2008. The cost is $1300/aday,$2000 the first day for setting up and getting ready.There is a menu for food inside the Coliseum. A motel is also available next door. Another motel is available a few blocks away,one motel has 150rooms and the other motel would have 30 rooms available@ $78/night. They are the "Comfort Inn" and "The Quality Inn".
The games could start on a Monday afternoon at 1:30 for red points and the regular schedule would start at 7:30pm.Games would then run Monday through Sunday.Regular sessions would be $11per session.
Motion made by Jerry Grissom to have the 2008 Regional at the Coliseum,seconded by Ed Guardanapo,approved by all present and motion carried.
CD's discussed:
Jerry Grissom suggested a CD board to handle the buying and selling of CD's.She also suggested Don Hopes to take over the the managing of CD's.Discussion followed on insurance amounts,limits and interest earned. Don Hopes agreed to shop CD's and work with Lynne to get best amounts on CD’s.
New Building:
Lynne Logan resigned from the building committee.
Frank BattLaile was appointed by Jocyce Dozier to take her place.
Ed Guardanapo gave everyone a copy of a letter from him outlining the recommended decision by PAC Services and Wetlands Determinations, chaired by Patrick Chubb.
The building committee, Ed Guardanapo, Jerry Grissom, Frank Battaile suggested "dumping" the property.
Discussion followed: Jerry Grissom gave her objection to the property. She read a report from MDOT. Lynne Logan gave a report on the property and questioned if all the property is considered "wetlands" as a church is there and would buy some of the property if it becomes available or we decide to sell.
Motion was made by Dick Weaver to table further discussion until the Building Committee can clarify situation and determine if the property is all considered "wetlands". The nature of the property in general. Motion seconded by Don Hopes, all agreed and motion carried.
Building Committee to handle further problems and wait for recommendations from the engineers.
Motion made to get second opinion from Corp of engineers on condition of property, seconded by Jane Hardin. Motion carried.
Motion made by Lynne Logan to adjourn meeting, seconded by all.
Meeting adjourned at 5:45pm.

Respectfully submitted,
Elizabeth (Betty) O’Brien