GulfCoast Bridge Association

                                                                  Unit 180

                                                    Board of Directors Meeting

October 09, 2007

Meeting was called to order @ 4:45pm by President, Joyce Dozier.

Members present: Walter Lewis, Vice-President

                              Lynne Logan, Treasurer

                              Betty OBrien, Ssecretary

                             Jerry Grissom

                             Ed Guardanapo

                             Anne Mahaffey

                            Jane Hardin

                            Rick Logan

                            Frank Battaile

                            Dick Weaver

Members absent: Don Hopes

                            Jim Crowe

                            Neva Lewis

Minutes of the last meeting were read by the secretary. Correction was made on the 4th Street property as follows.  Purchase to be for 2+ acres. Motion was made by Lynne Logan to accept minutes as amended, seconded by Ed Guardanapo, motion carried.

Treasurer's report was given by Lynne Logan. Walter Lewis made a motion to accept report as given, seconded by Jane Hardin, motion carried.

New Business:

Shirley Fung-a-fat made a suggestion to have someone approach the schools about bridge classes.  Joyce Dozier asked for suggestions on how to proceed?  Jerry Grissom will research Gulfport schools and Jane Hardin will check Jeff Davis.

Joyce Dozier and Lynne Logan discussed the District10 meeting at Tunica. Joyce Dozier acknowledged and gave credit to Lynne Logan for the great work she is doing for the district 10.

Lynne Logan gave an up-date on the financial status of district10. Finances are slowly getting back in order after Katrina. There is also a need to set up a reserve for any future disasters and limiting funds for hospitality  to the nationals.

Old Business:

Tournaments: 24 rooms have been reserved for the sectional and 98 rooms for the regional. We are expecting a large group. Need people to volunteer.  The November sectional will need desserts on Sunday, Janet Signor will provide the sodas. Meal served on Sunday will be subways, salad and deviled eggs and desserts.

Status on the rent we pay at the Lions Club will be raised next month.  Our rent will be determined on the number of games and ½ the electric bill.  $525/per month plus. Discussion followed on any other available rental building we could use for cheaper rent.

The building plans were delvered for the board to discuss.  After a few suggestions about the kitchen area,  Anne Mahaffey made a motion to table discussion till after the alterations, seconded by Ed Guardanapo, motion carried.

Frank Battaile made a motion to adjourn, motion carried. Meeting adjourned at 5:40pm.

Respectfully submitted,

Betty OBrien, Secretary