Gulf Coast Bridge Association

                                                                           Unit 180

                                                              Board of Directors Meeting




 July 10, 2007


Meeting was called to order at 4:30pm by Vice-President, Walter Lewis.

Members present:

                        Lynne Logan, Treasurer

                        Betty OBrien, Secretary

                         Jerry Grissom

                         Ed Guardanapo

                         Jim Crowe

                         Anne Mahaffey

                         Jane Hardin

                         Dick Weaver

                         Rick Logan

Members absent:

                         Joyce Dozier, President

                         Neva Lewis

                         Don Hopes

                         Frank Battaile


Minutes of the last board meeting were read by the secretary. Lynne Logan moved to accept minutes as read, seconded by Ed Guardanapo. All agreed and the motion carried. Treasurer report was given by Lynne Logan. Jim Crowe moved to accept treasurer's report, seconded by Jerri Grissom, all agreed and the motion carried.


Old Business:

Lynne Logan gave a report on the status of Canal Road property. Papers for the sale were signed today.  A CD will be purchased tomorrow.


New Business:

Dick Weaver made the announcement that we have been asked to vacate the present building that we meet for our bridge games. The Lions Club building was offered as a possible alternate place to hold the games. Dick will meet with the LionŐs Club to inspect the building and the cost to rent. Discussion followed. Walter Lewis felt we should leave it up to Dick and suggested a rental of $500-$600/a month. Lynne Logan moved to allow Dick Weaver to meet with the group, get the details and then poll the executive committee for approval., seconded by Jim Crowe. All agreed and the motion carried.


Building Committee:

Lynne Logan reported on property on Woolmarket Road (Highway 67) .  Two acres, water but no sewage as yet.  A firm price will be known in 2 weeks but roughly around $200,000 to $250,000.

Jerri Grissom reported on the two acres on 4th Street (off Three Rivers Road) one block North of Dedeaux Road.  The price of $275,000 includes all closing costs and a survey.  Water and sewage is available. 

Discussion followed.  Rick Logan made the suggestion to firm up the details of both pieces of property and then have a special board of directors meeting to discuss the two properties and decide where to build.  Dick Weaver made said motion. seconded by Ed Guardanapo. All agreed and the motion carried.  The date of July 31, 2007 decided upon.  Rick Logan made the suggestion that everyone go and view the properties.


Lynne Logan moved to adjourn, seconded by Ed Guardanapo.

Meeting adjourned at  5:20pm

Respectfully submitted:

Betty OBrien, Secretary