GulfCoast Bridge Association

                                                                                    Unit 180

                                                                        Board of Directors Meeting



February 12,2008


Meeting was called to order by Vice-President, Walter Lewis @ 4:45pm.

Members present:                                        Members absent:

                         Betty OBrien, Secretary                              Joyce Dozier, President

                         Don Hopes                                                  Lynne Logan, Treasurer

                         Frank Battaile                                              Jim Crowe

                         Ed Guardanapo                                           Daryl Gahm

                         Jane Hardin                                                 Anne Mahafey

                         Neva Lewis

                         Jerry Grissom

                         Dick Weaver

  Minutes were read by the secretary. Motion made by Ed Guardanapo to accept minutes as read, seconded by Jane Hardin.  Treasurer's report copy was read by all. Walter Lewis made a motion to accept report as presented, seconded by Frank Battaile.

Old Business:

Regional Tournament:

Problems were discussed with monies. Some classes were supposed to be free and were charged.  There was some disappointment in overall attendance. Table total was 1607. Tournament before storm was 4 tables short of 2000.  Complaints were heard from those in attendance of "temperature control", being too cold. Lack of coffee especially at the evening sessions was another complaint.  Entrance and registration places not clearly marked. One couple complained about too many events going on at the same time. Dinner for the 199er's ACBL was very good and well attended.

Ed Guardanapo made a motion to give special recommendation and THANK YOU to Lynne Logan, Tournament Chair and all the workers for a job well done, seconded by Jane Hardin, all agreed. A special mention to Kelly Moses for hiring boys to help haul and set-up the tables. She paid the boys for the job and donated the money to the club.

  Don Hopes gave the up-date on the By-Laws committee. He has called a meeting for next Tuesday, February19, 2008.

  Building committee gave a report. Survey report is completed. Need the drainage report and a site prep plan, then the bidding process can begin. Don Hopes stated that we need a comparison quote from at least 3 builders.

  New Business:

2009 Regional Tournament:  Coliseum is reserved but no contract has been signed. Discussion followed with pro's and con's.

Don Hopes gave a report on an Easy Bridge tournament to be held in Diamondhead in March. Easy Bridge player tournament with one match in Gulfport and one match in Diamondhead. Player's status need to be members of ACBL.

  Ed Guardanapo made a motion to adjourn, seconded by Dick Weaver.

  Meeting adjourned at 5:12pm.

  Respectfully submitted,

Betty OBrien,secretary