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The Unit 180 Board met at the clubhouse April 8, 2003 at 5:30 p.m.

Attendees: Walter Lewis, Richard Bryant, Elaine Norcross, Rebecca McMichael, Diane Oldham, Lynne Logan, Frank Battaile, Polly Bridges, Jack Sullivan, Jim Crowe, Don Hopes, and Jane Moore-Baker.

Walter Lewis, President, called the meeting to order and welcomed Don Hopes to the Board.

Minutes of the March 11, 2003 were approved as corrected by a motion from Lynne with a second by Richard.

The Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved by a motion from Jim and a second from Jack.

Lynne announced the water bill is beginning to drop due to the repair work.


The House Committee (Jerry Grissom, Jan Hunt and Carol Davis) presented a proposal by All Around Cleaning. The proposal presented included breakdown costs for each area of the building for a total of $495.00. The original plan was to clean only the smoking room prior to the tournament.

Lynne stated that Chem Dry would clean all the carpet and add a carpet protector for $675.00.

Following discussion, Don moved to hire All Around Cleaning to do the entire building. Frank seconded and the motion was approved.

Don also moved to have the House Committee present to the Board at the next meeting a janitorial proposal for weekly cleaning. Jack seconded and the motion was approved.

Charlie MacCracken has forwarded his comments on the 2004 Regional schedule. Polly moved to amend the schedule to reflect Charlie’s suggestions. Jane seconded and the motion was approved.


1. Jackson County Tournament

Polly moved to permanently name the Jackson County Fall Tournament to The Jack Sullivan Fall Tournament. The entire Board seconded the motion. The motion was approved with one abstention.

Rebecca moved to increase the budget for transportation by $300. Jim seconded and the motion was approved.

Richard moved to approve the tournament schedule with a second by Jack. The motion was approved.

2. Membership Committee

The ACBL sends a monthly membership report. The report includes information on which members have received renewal notices, any changes in member status, and any new levels reached by our membership. Presently we have 269 members of which 106 are Life Masters.

Walter would like for a member of the Board to volunteer to be Chairman. Frank volunteered.

Don suggested we have a contest between each county for retention purposes.

3. 199\'er Tournament

Due to problems arising in obtaining reasonable room rates in July, Unit 180 will request a sanction to hold the 199\'er tournament in March of 2004.

4. Lamar has requested approval from the Board to bring in his personal four drawer cabinet and place it in the storage area. Elaine moved to allow Lamar to add his personal cabinet to the storage area. Jane seconded and the motion was approved. Jack will notify Lamar.

5. Lessons

Wayne Kiddy will begin teaching the Spade Series May 6th at 10:00 a.m. at the club. This is an 8-week course.

Michael Goul will begin a Two Over One course on April 17th. This will be a
4-week course.
6. Special Events

A Special Events report was distributed to each Board member.

Jane moved to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Richard.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

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