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The Unit 180 Board met at the clubhouse March 11, 2003 at 5:30 p.m.

Attendees: Walter Lewis, Richard Bryant, Jan Hunt, Elaine Norcross, Rebecca McMichael, Diane Oldham, Lynne Logan, Jim Crowe, Patsy Bell, Polly Bridges, Jack Sullivan, and Malcolm Latour.

Walter Lewis, President, called the meeting to order.

Minutes of the February 11, 2003 were approved as corrected by a motion from Lynne with a second by Jack.

The Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved by a motion from Rebecca and a second from Elaine.

Lynne notified the Board that to receive advertising monies the Tourism Commission requires the tournament budget, schedule, attendee information four months prior to the event. The July 199\'er tournament information should be submitted no later than March 15th. Rebecca will forward the information to Lynne following the meeting tonight.

The members of the Board agreed that Malcolm Latour could address the Board before the Old Business segment of the meeting.

Malcolm stated he was not appearing before the Board just for himself. Others besides himself have been barred from playing in certain games. Malcolm asked the Board to appoint a committee to study the subject and present solutions to the Board.

The Board informed Malcolm they have no authority in this situation. He should contact the ACBL and state his concerns.


The Building Committee has assessed the AC problems and suggests adding one more three-ton unit and more duct work. It will be determined if the clubhouse can handle the increased power prior to having the work done.

The storage area is being reorganized. All supplies, serving pieces, etc. have been moved to the areas where they are used. Following a trial period, all of the directors will be asked if they feel the reorganization has been helpful in the management of their games.


The Building Facility Committee presented recommendations and a drawing for adding a patio on the South side of the clubhouse for members who smoke. This would open up the present smoking room which would then be utilized as a work area and Board Room. The back room would be used only as a playing area.

Discussion followed. Lynne objected as the smoking room voted on by the general membership at an Annual Meeting was to be used only by the smokers. Old minutes will be reviewed for the policy on the smoking area.

The proposal will be a future consideration when monies are available.

The smoking room will be closed prior to the Spring Sectional for a major clean up. Lynne moved to close the smoking room from the first of May through the July 199\'er tournament. Elaine seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

Rebecca moved to approve Don Hopes as the Hancock County representative to the Board. Elaine seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

Membership Reports received from ACBL monthly gives the status of our current membership along with names of anyone moving into our Unit. Follow-up is necessary to retain our members and increase the membership. Walter will appoint a Membership Chairman before the next Board meeting.


Special Events

The March Celebration Sunday is scheduled for March 16th. This will be the Genevieve and Walter Lewis (Mixed Pairs) Trophy Game. The Ace of Clubs and Mini-McKenny awards will be presented to winners in each category.

The Grand National Team Event is scheduled for Sunday, March 30th. Pizza will be served between sessions and members are being asked to bring salads or desserts.

Several of our trophies are not mounted on bases which make them difficult for engraving. Patsy will be reimbursed for monies spent mounting them on bases.

Jack moved to adjourn the meeting and was seconded by Diane.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 p.m.

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