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The Unit 180 Board met at the clubhouse October 14, 2003 at 5:15 p.m.

Attendees: Walter Lewis, Richard Bryant, Lynne Logan, Diane Oldham, Don Hopes, Jane Moore-Baker, Frank Battaile, Polly Bridges, Patsy Bell, Rebecca McMichael, Jack Sullivan, Jan Hunt and Elaine Norcross.

Minutes of the September 9, 2003 were unanimously approved by a motion from Don with a second by Jack.

The Treasurer’s Report was unanimously approved by a motion from Patsy and a second by Polly.

Lynne displayed the registration and prize gifts for the Regional. The Board voiced approval on the selections.


1. Proposals for all the Special Event games were presented by Lynne and Diane.

1. Lynne proposed to direct all Special Events games for $40.00 per event session. She would be a playing director unless the ACBL required a non-playing director.

2. Diane proposed having a non-playing director at all the Special Event games utilizing our director pool (presently 18). There are approximately twenty-four (24) separate Special Event sessions scheduled in 2004. Each Unit director would volunteer to direct one or more games during the year.

Lynne was asked to leave the meeting during discussion. Following the discussion, Polly moved to offer a six-month trial period to Lynne as a non-playing director with the agreed fee of $40.00. Any positive or negative feedback would be funneled through Walter either by e-mail or postage. Elaine seconded and the motion was approved.

Lynne rejected the offer.

Following further discussion, Elaine moved to offer Lynne the six-month period at a reduced rate of $25.00 if she plays in games with seven or fewer tables. (Walter to make a pregame determination of the table count.) Jan seconded and the motion was approved.

Lynne rejected the offer and stated she will not participate in volunteering her time to direct any Special Event game.
2. Nominating Committee (Pat LaCerva, Denman Bridges and H.C. Barlow) submitted the following nominations.

Hancock County Don Hopes
Harrison County Elaine Norcross
Jackson County Jack Sullivan
At-Large Shirley Fung-a-Fat
At-Large Polly Bridges

Nominations will remain open until November 1st. Anyone wishing to become a Board Member should contact a member of the Nominating Committee.


1. Membership Chairman, Frank Battaile, asked for Board sanction to go into the schools to teach bridge. Jack moved that Frank and the Membership Committee have Board approval to pursue teaching in the schools. Patsy seconded and the motion was unanimously approved.

2. Frank moved to purchase 100 bidding boxes. The motion was tabled until the November meeting.

3. Patsy moved to pay the Tap entry fee of $125.00 for Wayne Kiddy. Polly seconded and the motion was approved unanimously.

4. Polly announced that the Moss Point Sectional had a net income of $1,692.36.

Jan moved and Diane seconded to continue holding the Fall Sectional in Moss Point. The motion was unanimously approved.

5. Clay Hall, District 10 Tournament Committee Chairman, suggests in his e-mail to Walter of adding single session Board -a-Match games to the Regional schedule. This will assure teams eliminated from KO’s to continue in a team game.

Jane moved and Patsy seconded to add the Board-a-Match games to the schedule.
Motion was approved.

6. Diane suggested purchasing an addition mat for the front door. Walter authorized the purchase.

Meeting adjourned at 6:35 p.m.

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