January 16,2007

Unit 180 Board of directors Meeting




The regular meeting of the Board of Directors of Unit 180 was convened at 3:45p by the acting president,Walter Lewis.

Board members present were:Lynne Logan

                                            Don Hopes

                                            Frank Battaile

                                            Jerry Grissom

                                            Jim Crowe

                                             Ed Guardanapo

                                             Jane Hardin

                                             Neva Lewis

                                             Anne Mahafee

                                             Dick Weaver

President,Joyce Dozier absent for family reasons.


The minutes of November meeting were read by the secretary,motiom made by Jerry Grissom to approve minutes,seconded by James Crowe and carried.

Treasurer's report was read by treasurer Lynne Logan and copies distributed to directors.motion made by Frank Battaile to approve report as read,seconded by Ed Guardanapo and carried.


Regional affairs discussed:

                                      Everyone in the District wants regional down here on the Coast.Convention places discussed.Only the IP and Beau big enough for convention needs.Costs discussed. Cost at the IP were raised from $500 per day to $10000.Discussion followed on ways to increase profits to cover costs. Also discussed was space at the Convention Center..We need the regional for 2008.


New Business:


ACBL needs a list of contacts for different items.Following is the list of the filled positions:

                     Membership Chairman: Joyce Dozier

         Disciplinary     "            Rick Logan

         Recorder                      Betty OBrien

         Business manager        Dick Weaver

         Coordinator                   Lynne Logan

         Publicity                       Janet Signor

         Hospitality                     Neva Lewis

         Charities                        Lynne Logan

          Education/new interest   Kurt Shook

299 tournment discussed.Dates are March 23rd to March 25th at Pelican Landing in Moss Point.The signed contract for the rent of $2500 will be mailed out Wednesday. Block of rooms have been reserved at "The Comfort Inn"

Error was found on the flyers sent out. Exit error. Off I10,the exit should be 68So. No mention was made on the flyer that it is Moss Point. Exit 69 is for the Comfort Inn. Corrections will be posted on the Web and a cover letter sent to each unit.


Update on new bridge building:

                     Jerry Grissom presented report. There are no full set of plans.We need a draftsmen to draw up plans and then get a builder. A builder could get started on a building in 90 days and be finished within a year. 

Lynne Logan,Ed Guardanapo,Jerry Grissom have an appointment on 1/17/2007 to meet with two draftsmen to discuss plans.

Lynne Logan discussed the size of building and costs.We have a capitol gain from sale of old bridge site and insurances,this must be used within 5 years or we have to pay taxes on the gain.

Don Hopes suggested/recommended draftsmen draw up the plans for us to approve and then get the basic program for us to own. Builder will then do the whole thing. Discussion was then closed for now.


Meeting Dates:

                     Second Tuesday of the month for Board of Directors Meeting.

Meeting will only be changed for a District 10,National Meeting or Holiday. The Meeting will be held the following Tuesday.

A motion was made by Lynne Logan,except for Unit 10,Regional meeting,elections or a Holiday,the meeting will then be held on the 3rd Tuesday of the month.Motion seconded by Jerry Grissom and carried.

District 10 meeting : need an alternate to attend unit 10 board meetings.Jackson Regional  2009 will be moved to Vicksburg.Minutes of the meeting will be read by Lynne Logan when they come in.

Jim Crowe wants directions changed for bridge in Gautier.


Motion made to adjourn at 4:45p and seconded by Ed Guardanapo.



                                                                                                   Respectfully submitted,