GulfCoast Bridge Association

Unit 180

Board of Directors Meeting




August 14,2007




Meeting was called to order @ 4:30pm by President, Joyce Dozier.


Members present:

Walter Lewis, Vice president

Lynne Logan,Treasurer

Betty OBrien, Secretary

Neva Lewis

Jane Hardin

Frank Battaile

James Crowe

Rick Logan

Jerry Grishom

Ed Guardanapo

Anne Mahaffey

Dick Weaver

Minutes of last meeting were read by the secretary. Lynne Logan made a motion to accept minutes as read, seconded by Jane Hardin. All agreed and motion carried. Treasure's report was read by treasurer, Lynne Logan. Walter Lewis made a motion to accept report as read, seconded by Ed Guardanapo. All agreed and the motion carried.


Lynne's update on the sectional and regional tournaments passed to the next meeting.


Joyce Dozier gave a report on the 4th street property. May have some "wetlands". Offer to buy land has been withdrawn pending further study. Lynne Logan gave a report on dealings with the zoning commission, planning commission and the tax assessors and how the property will be sub-divided. Will know by next week if the property will meet standards and still be able to purchase the land. Jerri Grishom gave a report on Singing River's property. Motion made by Walter Lewis to authorize Joyce to accept or reject the 4th street property depending on the reports. Seconded by Ed Guardanapo, all in favor, none opposed,1 abstained and the motion carried.


Dick Weaver is concerned about the present building we are using for bridge. Too much noise and distractions. He suggested carpets and drapes. He would discuss the matter with the Lions Club and get their permission. Walter Lewis suggested a budget to improve things. Lynne suggested Jane Hardin get offers/prices. Joyce Dozier will then poll the board.


Walter Lewis discussed the Pro-Am games. He thought we need to get more people involved, partnerships set-up and a different way to run the game., asking for suggestions on making them better.


Motion to adjourn was made by Jerri Grisshom, seconded by Ed Guardanapo.

Meeting adjourned at 6:00pm.


Respectfully submitted,

Betty O'Brien, Ssecretary